You Nawty Nawty Man

Twas a few days before Christmas when everyone was getting ready to spend time with their loved ones & who should start annoying people again, yes you have it, Billy Fucking No Mates. Even the wife & kids have now upped & left, leaving him & the cat alone for Christmas, someone call the RSPCA, no pussy is safe from the debauched bastard that is Skinflute…. The departure of Shergar, galloping into the Derby smog with a child under each arm, has prompted an eloquent public notice, clearly written by someone else but hilarious because , no one really gives a toss, but sharing is caring, have a read…

horses mouth

‘ Horses Mouth’….. chuckles….

He has been awfully busy sending annoying little messages to supporters on the campaign, still trying to mislead folk into pretending he is ex-military; maybe a nod back to the judge in his original court case is called for.

i am military

Lets not even start on his Twitter antics, oh ok, lets; He is a cnut of the highest order. The person he is referring to is one of his many victims who received unwanted Dick pics & videos of him masturbating, nor did she get paid for any story about him, everyone gave their interviews for free because everyone thinks he’s a cnut.


Vile is sending pictures like these, remember sending them?



Then because someone had attracted attention of a decorated Veteran on Twitter, who re-tweeted a warning about associating with SF, he had a mini meltdown & got very angry, the man with more fake profiles than a dating site, had the audacity to attack poor Simba.

twitter 2

We contacted Simba & asked for their comment on your tweet, they said if you had the balls to unblock them, the’y be very happy to speak directly with you… Refer to dick photo above to note the lack of balls.

Not content with losing his job, his wife, his kids, his reputation & generally being exposed for all his fuckery, he still continues to harass the families of the fallen by sending accusing messages to the grandson of a bereaved mother, resulting in her having to warn him to leave her family alone.

cw 1

so after being told to leave her family alone, he telephones her! It was at this point, the decision was made to play along & see what he was spouting in the wake of his family deserting him because any normal person would be doing everything to ‘rein’ them back into the family fold, then theirs this cnut…..

CW 3

so he sent it, breaking the law…. Because he is a devious twat, we haven’t shown it therefore denying him the opportunity to report us.


Attacking Mike again for wearing the beret presented to him after his son was killed in Iraq, also for wearing his son’s medals! He cannot leave this family alone & is constantly attacking them. As for SF knowing the protocol for military attire, you never really said that did you, you have a criminal record for wearing a uniform you never earned the right to wear ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ….. fecking tool. Not content with attacking a grieving dad, he also starts on Mikes daughter, accusing her of trying to take his kids of him! We have seen the email sent to Adele, after social services were involved, it was sent by Shergar to confirm what they were saying was true, so do tell how its now her fault….. Leave the family alone you total arsewipe.

CW 5



Oh dear poor little lamb has been manipulated into everything… Absolutely no remorse for everything he has done, no accountability for his own actions. You got the sack because you are a nasty racist bastard, because you send your dic pics & video’s of you masturbating, in a RR toilet cubicle to many many women, even 17 year olds!!!


When confronted about sending his post ‘I see dead soldiers & his dick pic to a bereaved mother, he thinks it is ok because it was in a private message…really!! Then here comes the typical defence of woe me woe me, here are my meds……


CW 13


As he continues to waffle on and on about his random shit, he still manages to completely evade answering any questions. Veiled threats about a photo taken in the court waiting room, sent to him by his mate Ian Parker (yes we know who you are). He is upset because Jo calls him Skinflute, well get over it, everyone calls you that & a lot worse, nasty, cnut.


Then follows loads of links about Jo, trying to discredit her by using another bereaved mother who had a barney with Jo in 2010! So skinflute is suggesting he has been in contact with her, by dropping her name into every message he sends to people, however, we are not going to mention her name to protect her privacy & identity. The crap he is distributing is from 2010 when Jo created a group to stop Anjem Choudray & his now illegal extremist group Islam4UK, from marching through Wootten Bassett with empty coffins. The group attracted just under one million supporters in 5 days & attracted people from every walk of life, including a group of internet trolls, from the far left, who went onto troll Jo for years. This far left group hate the British Forces & were well known for attacking veterans online, a link to a blog containing the whole story is below, read that Skinflute & stop sharing shit which makes you look like a sympathiser with Islamic extremists & Military hating far left groups.


‘CBT didn’t work’ for tripping up over a fucking rock!


The following show how all he is bothered about is himself & is rude about another bereaved mum by referring to her by her surname, something he does constantly!



and finally, his last message before we got bored of him & blocked him, his fake crime reference number, yes fake because we called the policeman whose name we have blanked out, could not get to him directly because the number given is not a crime reference number…hmmm, lied again skinflute, how unlike you.

CW 23





One thought on “You Nawty Nawty Man

  1. I fail to believe shergar has left the stable, Is this another ruse of woe is me to put before the court in February, she couldn’t take any comments fair good or just ridicule anymore on his behalf.
    The am I bovvered cupboard is empty. And where;s the boast – Govt allow 1 groat per head for Christmas in the badlands….. Sheriff he aint got no woody rising to the occasion again with his super duper skinflute hampers

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