Oi You Fat Bastard

That Poppy Tattoo takes pride of place on the stumpy arm of resident fucktard Christopher Webster, he regularly exposes his stump at any given opportunity, almost as often as his flaccid little dick… He love’s his little tat so much that he even made the following video to tell us all, he does love making […]

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You Nawty Nawty Man

Twas a few days before Christmas when everyone was getting ready to spend time with their loved ones & who should start annoying people again, yes you have it, Billy Fucking No Mates. Even the wife & kids have now upped & left, leaving him & the cat alone for Christmas, someone call the RSPCA, […]

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Merry Christmas From Us All

We would like to thank everyone for the amazing support this year. It’s been an eventful 9 months & we have a time to go yet before this war is won. To thank you all, the wonderful Jim has put together a lovely Christmas song for you to singalong to as you get stuck into […]

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The dear Mr Walter Mitty, convicted criminal, self confessed sex pest, racist prick, is so tough from his non military training, that he asks those pathetic women hanging on in there, waiting for the infamous non dick photos to hit their own inboxes, to go do his dirty work & like faithful dogs, they do […]

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12 Days of Christmas

We thought we would take the opportunity to celebrate the 12 days of Christmas by sharing 12 of the most memorable moments of Websters debauched, criminal behaviour, so here is our version of the 12 days starting early just because we can….   On the 1st day of Christmas, a good friend sent to me, […]

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