The Big Confession

So Webster posted this long, long , long confession where he spilled his ample guts,admitting his sins…Then said he didn’t write it, well we know that you thick fuck, you can’t even write your own name without spell check!! But he vehemently denies writing it despite the mountain of evidence proving everything he admitted to […]

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Webby is a video star…..

Oh yes, no notoriety is complete until you have several videos of yourself on YOU TUBE, here are just a few where the star attraction is sadly disappointing & thankfully nor is he doing his usual of banging one out in a toilet cubicle…Thankfully the following are exposing him exposing himself….. Big Phil Campion- Ex […]

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The Great ‘Whodunnit’

In this chapter we draw on the expert, Military trained, Walter Mitty Webster, as he attempts to uncover who is responsible for this outrageous outing of him & his dick photos…. This is going to be better than a game of Cluedo…… Lets start with the first attempts of Sherlock Webster accusing his alleged ‘exposer’ […]

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It’s Good To Talk Mr Webster


The debauched behaviour of Chris Webster from Shoeboxes for our heroes has been expertly exposed by the wonderful Walter Mitty Hunters Club HQ, if you click on this link, it will take you to there full expose of him:

This page is going to be dedicated to screenshots of the Weasel Webster trying to explain his debauchery to those who have known him for years….

  • Identities have been removed, apart from those in the wrong….

Naming women 1

Revenge porn Mr Webster, explain? You sent your dick by photo & video all over the place……

naming women 2

So already he has started travelling around the UK trying to ascertain the identities of those exposing him exposing himself…..  He has done it to so many women, he has no idea which ones have exposed him….

naming women 3

naming women 4

Yeah, whatever Webster…..

Ooops, an affair too?…Who & More importantly why??? Is he really the best you can do…

shauna 1

shauna 2

shauna 3

shauna 4

shauna 5

shauna 6

shauna 7

shauna 8

You may have noticed the talk about accounts, that my avid spectators will be addressed in a separate blog because there are so many questions about the alleged charity fraud.

Webster is not debauched, I correct that to depraved, as the following shows, no one is safe from him!


meg smutty texts

walker 1

walker 2

walker 3

And so it continues as he desperately tries to deflect attention from himself by blaming others…..

mel 1


mel 2

mel 3


mel 4

mel 5

mel 6

mel 8

mel 9

His made up crime reference number…..

The following are Webster trying to deflect onto ex members of shoeboxes…

rich 1


rich 2

rich 3





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