A Musical Dedication To The Fat Bastard


We all love to boogie & we all love to share with those we feel need it, SO, we have decided to dedicate a whole blog to the fat bastard who not only ate all the pies, but who also ate the whole chain of Greggs & every local gym; the wanker is so fat we are wondering if he actually carried 12 kids as a surrogate ….

So to start the disco extravaganza, lets get it rolling with this spectacular dedication to Christopher Webster.


Oh yeah baby and didn’t he just knock one out all over the place… so onto our next request its our favourite from tonight especially for Chris Webster from Derby…


Lets get this party grooving mother fuckers, yet another dedication for that Webster chap… Lets do this


A reminder of why this exists


So lets keep this party moving, lets get groovy people

Another dedication for Webster but hold on, is this him drag


We all love a karaoke, so here is Chrissy Boy doing his own



Like all good DJ’s, we are always open to requests because this blog is run by


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